「讓你住30年,設計一個安全、實用與美感的家是我們的使命。」1025設計,成立於2010年,從精品業陳列出身,一路從戒台設計、專櫃設計、商業空間設計到住宅設計, 每一種歷練,從小地方到大空間,都讓逐漸雕琢出我們對設計的堅持。



Our mission: To create a homes where customers would reside for their whole
lives It has to be safe, functionality and beautiful.

1025 was established in 2010. We started as a visual merchandize comoany and
as time goes by we gradually  provided some others services, such as
accessories compartment design, store booth design, commercial spacing
design and home interior design.

All the tasks were great experience because we created something out of
nothing , from simple to a living home, this is what 1025 always adhere to

when designing a project.

When working on commercial projects, we're always focusing on what customers
want, from there, we come up with a concept and create a strong
visualization to match that particularmarket or industry . However for
private household projects, we are more focusing on the safety, strong
practical applicability while combining the estheticism into our design.

1025 is being particular about basic construct, select of best quality
materials and expertise on construction methods. Through all these steps, we
would eventually provide our customers safe and comfortable living space.

Best Regards

Design Director

設計總監  蔡佾錄